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Model: 18-inch-doll-junior-girl-scout-uniform
Junior girl scout uniform. includes white top, green skirt, green sash and green socks only. *Sneakers not included but sold separately.  *Doll for display purposes only and not included. Doll is not for sale. #115 ..
Model: 18-inch-doll-lavender-princess-gown
Lavender Princess Gown with Fabric Tiara. *Gown and Tiara only. *Doll for display purpose only and is not included, #1040..
Model: 18-inch-doll-pink-princess-gown
Pink Princess Gown with Pink Bow and Lace.  *Gown and Bow only. *Doll is for display purpose only and is not included or for sale.  #1041..
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